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I teach evening classes, workshops, healing and spiritual counselling courses as well as lead retreats.  


I am the Founder & Director of the School of Intuition & Healing.  Most of my teaching is at the School. The main School is in London, UK and there is also a branch in South Africa.

I have also taught workshops at other venues in the UK and abroad including the College of Psychic Studies, the London College of Spirituality, the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London, Violet Hill Studios, Oxon Hoath Retreat Centre in Kent, at the Mystic Arts Festival, the Mind Body Soul Exhibitions, Alternatives in St James' Church Piccadilly, Gaunts House in Dorset and The Mill Retreat Centre in France.

I teach a wide variety of subjects in the healing, psychic and spirit release fields.

To Book or Request Further Details

  • For all teaching at the School of Intuition & Healing (UK) please contact the School on www.intuitionandhealing.co.uk.
  • For all teaching at the School of Intuition & Healing (South Africa) please contact the School on www.intuitionandhealing.co.za.
  • For all other courses, unless indicated otherwise, please contact the organiser.


Courses & Workshops - please click on links for further details


2 Year Accredited Healing Course Next intake: May 2018 – 18 Sundays – 10am-5pm at the School of Intuition & Healing. The venue is at Clean Break in Kentish Town, London. £1800 for 2 years.
This course is very comprehensive and has been designed by Sue and is taught by her and 4 other excellent tutors. The course content is very comprehensive and can be viewed here. Full details and an application form can be obtained from the School of Intuition & Healing. (This course also takes place in Cape Town).


14 month Accredited Spiritual Counselling Certificate Course Next intake: June 2018 – 18 weekend days – 10am-5pm at the School of Intuition & Healing. The venue is at Clean Break in Kentish Town, London. £1800 for 12-14 months.

This course is very comprehensive and covers many subjects. The course is taught by Sue, Nikolas Ragiadakos and Steve Richards. Full details here.  An Info Pack and application form can be obtained from the School of Intuition & Healing.


Psychic Expansion

8 weeks Advanced course

Monday, 14 May - 16 July 2018 from 7-8.30pm
£120. At Clean Break in Kentish Town, London.

A course for those who have completed their training at an Intermediate level and wish to develop further confidence in their psychic gifts, strengthen their connection with Spirit and enhance the clarity of their communication. This class is suitable for people working as psychic/mediums as well as those developing their gift. Interview Required.


Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters & Nature Spirits

Thursday 7th to Tuesday 12th June 2018 at The Mill Retreat Centre, Aumale, France. £849.

During this 6 day (5 night) retreat, we will be exploring who your Guides are as well as looking at various Ascended Masters, energies in the Angelic realm and Nature Spirits.

This is a wonderful opportunity – using a variety of practical exercises - for you to spend several days getting to meet and build on your existing relationships with those Spirit Guides and helpers that are around us all the time. We will examine how you can communicate with these beings safely, how they are assisting you in your life and guiding you to fulfil your soul’s purpose in addition to investigating many other aspects of your relationship with them.

By the end of the retreat it is our aim that you feel more confident in knowing how and when you can work with each of these beings as you continue onwards with your spiritual journey.

The retreat is held in an old converted mill in Aumale, in the beautiful French countryside. The Mill is set in a secluded location of 30 acres complete with a lake and rowing boats, a river and 5 acres of dedicated woodland.

The delicious organic meals are all vegetarian and freshly prepared on-site each day and the bedrooms are very comfortable with spectacular views. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to explore this stunning location each day and to take full advantage of what this amazing place has to offer.

The full cost of this 5 night Retreat is £849 with the option of paying supplements for single and ensuite. This includes return travel by minibus/Eurotunnel from East Croydon, beautiful accommodation, delicious food and 4 days tuition with 2 experienced tutors.

Further info will be supplied on request and on payment of your deposit. For more info and photos of the venue see: www.millretreatcentre.com

A £100 Non-refundable deposit is payable on booking


Becoming a Clear Channel

Sunday 1st July 2018 from 10am - 5pm £75. At Clean Break in Kentish Town, London.

Today we will be looking at what is holding us back from our full potential as clear channels for ourselves and our work. This workshop is aimed at sensitives and healers and will be focusing particularly on the Heart chakra. We will be exploring what might be blocking us. This could include issues in this lifetime or in other lives. It might involve contracts or vows that we have made. Our blocks can also include cords and attachments to people and places as well as emotions such as guilt or fear which keep us stuck. This work is important in creating a clear channel and enabling a free flow of energy, light and information.


Psychic Attack and Spirit Attachment

Sunday 8th July 2018 from 10am - 5pm £75. At Clean Break in Kentish Town, London.

During this workshop we will be exploring types of psychic attack and how it might affect us. We will also be discussing spirit attachment including different types of entities and why they might attach to people, the symptoms they can cause and techniques that can be used to help.


Medical Intuition

Friday 20th July to Sunday 22nd July 2018 at Brightlife Isle of Man - prices start at £210 for the 2 day workshop, £330 for the Retreat or £430 for the Retreat with flights.

In your work as a healer, psychic or sensitive would you like to develop the ability to see or sense what is happening inside the physical body? This practical and very popular workshop will explore ways of assessing what is happening within the body and the energy field.

The weekend will include discussion of medical intuitive work with case examples. We will explore different techniques, using the psychic senses, to work with the physical and subtle energies of the body.

This will include the chakras and the aura as well as the organs of the body. Initially we will learn how to communicate with the liver which is the 2nd largest organ of the body; we will then communicate with the pituitary gland and allow it to guide us to other parts of the endocrine system; we will work with the kidneys and experience working with pairs of organs and the differences in the left and right side of the body; we will explore how to work with the immune system by communicating with both organs and chakras; and nally we will learn how to scan the digestive tract from one end to the other.

We will learn how we can communicate with the organs and systems of the body to discover the causes of dis-ease, make sense of the information we receive and what help is needed.

Please book with Brightlife - http://www.brightlife.com/workshop-retreats/eventdetail/121/medical-intuition.html


Space Clearing Retreat

Friday 14 September to Sunday 16 September 2018 - with Kanina Wolff at Gaunts House, Dorset. £325.

Now in its sixth year, this unique and ever popular weekend retreat returns to the wonderfully located Gaunts House in the heart of the Dorset countryside. This year the retreat will be focusing exclusively on Space Clearing and the rich energetic history and spiritual influences both in and around the property.

Through a series of workshops and lots of practical experience we will explore how you can discern if a space needs clearing, how the symptoms of this may manifest and the tools you can use to clear it safely and effectively. We will look at portals, different types of Spirit activity including elementals, energy lines, geopathic stress, imprints, House and Land Guardians, blocked or stuck energy, the impact of humans and their energy and much more besides.

Gaunts House is first heard of around 1355 and has an interesting and varied history. The house stands in about 1900 acres of land, which includes a lake, woodland and a stone circle.

During the weekend, there will be the exciting opportunity to do a night time walk through the main house to tune into the prevalent spiritual activity there, and, if appropriate, to clear it. Throughout the day (weather permitting), we will investigate the extensive grounds and learn how to work with dowsing rods and pendulums.

The weekend retreats at Gaunts are always filled with interesting energetic experiences and you will be taught lots of tips and techniques that you can continue to use either personally or professionally long after the retreat is over.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The full cost is £325. Arrival is between 3-4.30pm on Friday with departure on Sunday afternoon. Accommodation is in basic but comfortable shared rooms (with the option of paying supplements for single and ensuite), with vegetarian meals and a constant supply of refreshments. Further info will be supplied on request and on payment of your deposit. For more info and photos of the venue see: www.gauntshouse.com.>





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