I have now retired from all client work after 18 years - this includes one to one appointments, Skype and distant work. I will be focusing on running the School of Intuition and Healing and my teaching.

I may also be available for Spirit Release visits to clear your home, work place or business if within easy travelling distance. Buildings are usually costed by the number of rooms and floors, and sites by the size. For full details see here. If you email me with details I will provide you with a quote.

For all client work please look on the Links page for suggestions of various practitioners.

Cath Lomax will be continuing to work at my Practice in South London offering healing. She also works distantly and via Skype. Cath can be contacted on  07841 472654. For full details see here.

Kyra Bransom also works at my Practice in South London offering healing, spirit release and clearance from psychic attack. Kyra also works distantly. Kyra can be contacted on 07544 206465. For full details see here.

For other recommendations please see the Links page.  



I set up the School of Intuition and Healing in April 2010 in the UK with a branch in South Africa. Please do visit the website and have a look at the classes, workshops and also our two-year Healing Course!

If you're interested, you can watch a little Introduction to the School here, as well as two YouTube videos I made with the London College of Spirituality, one about Energy Management , the other about Spirit Release. I have recently added one made by the Spirit Release Forum on Heart Centred Spirit Release and another at the Mind Body Soul Exhibition in 2012 on Spirit Release with Carrie Kirkpatrick. At the Mind Body Spirit Festival an interview which covers Medical Intuition as well as a simple ground, open and close exercise.